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Audubon Zoo.

Audubon Zoo Capital One Stage Pavilion

New Orleans, LA


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Our expertise in managing projects in demanding operating environments extends to critical government facilities. As our client, it is our mission to help you overcome the unique complexities and regulatory requirements that could slow your projects completion. Our federal projects encompass a wide range of projects including new construction and renovations. With a focus on safety and quality, our industry experience provides a unique perspective that will keep you underbudget and on schedule. 


Clients across the Southeast region trust us because we understand that the magic is in the details. You want to build a destination you and your customers will enjoy, and we want to help you. Our unique self-perform capabilities position us as a versatile construction partner on your new construction and remodel, no matter how small. 


With educational institutions we understand the demands of academic deadlines and recognize the need for quick turnarounds and attention to detail. Our team of construction experts have more than 15 years of experience working with and for facilities at colleges and universities, which is why we are more than capable of undertaking your next new build, upgrade or expansion design. Our experience includes residence halls, classrooms, entry and stairways, offices, landscaping, and more. Our projects support all private and public-school facilities from K-12 through college and universities. 

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All community areas deserve to be updated, which is why we take special care of our recreation projects. From park renovations to pavilion updates and everything in-between, we believe that each new addition and renovation help improve the community and provide a sense of well-being.


We specialize in general contracting, but our passion for real estate development and management is within our roots. Our experience provides us with a unique perspective on how every home and business is essential to a thriving community. We want you to be proud of where your life and work. This is why, from renovation and repair to new construction, we are passionate about coordinating, converting, or creating your dream home.


Our approach is simple: shape and remodel the businesses that build the community. Whether you need a design-build, tenet built-out, or renovation, our experienced construction crews will overcome your most complex needs to help you create a space you are proud to own. 

VPG Construction
Building a Better Tomorrow 

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