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VPG Construction is committed to building a better tomorrow. Founded in 2011, we are intensely focused on becoming one of the top construction companies in the region and forging an identity as one of New Orleans' premier D/B/E construction companies.

As a licensed and insured general contractor in Louisiana, Texas, Florida, and Georgia, we specialize in providing you with an intimate understanding of every phase of your project. Whether we utilize our in-house resources from our construction management, general contracting, pre-construction or self-perform team, or partner with subcontractors, we are committed to delivering the high-quality, dependable services you deserve. 

We structure our skillset and services with your complex needs, intense regulatory environments, and high standards for quality and safety in mind. Through proper planning, coordination, and supervision, our pre-construction professionals, project managers and expert builders are here to help you bring your vision to life on time and under budget without compromising safety or quality. 

We take P.R.I.D.E in the emphasis we place on your experience during the construction process, our investment in ongoing innovation, and our deep commitment to the communities we serve. From small, non-profit organizations to global Fortune 100 corporations to residential properties in the community, our diverse and empowered team of professionals and experts are ready to bring your projects to life. 

Our headquarters is in New Orleans, Louisiana, but we geographically support the Southeast Region.

We are certified through SBA 8(a), DBE, and MBE.

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Pre-construction services are preliminary planning and engineering services offered by VPG before a construction job even begins. This pre-construction planning stage involves defining the project, identifying potential issues, planning and scheduling the scope, cost estimation, and job analysis. Quality pre-construction helps our clients decide if they can follow through with the construction project. During this pre-construction phase, they may find that the work is either too expensive or not feasible for the space they have.
If we and the client agree that work is viable, the VPG will provide the client with a cost and schedule for the construction project.
The pre-construction phase provides the construction team with a clear outline to follow during the job and educates the owner/client on what they will need to do to make their project functional and expect it to cost. This process helps our clients better understand the project before committing to any work being done.

General Contracting.


VPG Construction wants to turn your construction ideas, plans, and objectives into a living construction project that benefits your business initiatives. We created our process with partnership in mind and are focused on placing the utmost importance on our ability to consistently and effectively communicate with our clients.
Our General Contractor Services (GCS) Division works closely with design professionals and the pre-construction team to safely and efficiently execute construction plans. We are dedicated to keeping our project sites safe and organized, which allows the project team to adapt to any challenges that arise on the project site. In addition, our construction management competency and vast construction experience place us in a position to provide successful construction projects completed with the highest levels of quality, value, and safety.
VPG Construction strives to work with knowledgeable and skilled subcontractors, trade partners, and suppliers to provide a quality product to the client. We perform a rigorous evaluation process to ensure all subcontractors, trade partners, and suppliers are stable and have a proven track record of success on past performances. In addition, our GCS division makes certain that every person on the project site executes at a level that meets and exceeds VPG Construction's standard of quality.
We believe in maintaining positive relationships with subcontractors and vendors.  We encourage high ethical standards and fair treatment of subcontractors and suppliers to ensure smooth project execution. Our active approach to teamwork keeps all parties accountable for delivering project components on time and on budget.
We have the experience necessary to efficiently and effectively solve the problems that arise during the construction process. We also keep an open flow of communication with all stakeholders to ensure that project objectives and timelines are consistently met.
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While most General Contractors need to locate subcontractors to bid on their jobs, we offer an internal team of skilled technicians that offer greater scheduling flexibility, higher quality control parameters, a greater focus on safety and competitive cost savings. 

With our self-performing team, we have a better handle on your project schedule, and can allocate resources to complete various scopes of work based on the critical path, allowing us to be more agile and flexible when problems arise. 

Our goal is to foster relationships that will last. Through effective communication, integrity and high-quality products and support, our self-perform team does just that. We value the work, attitude and passion you have about your projects, and can provide you with a team that not only share your sentiments but provide the skillset to bring your vision to life. 

Our Portfolio.



We provide an intimate understanding of all construction phases in a variety of industries. From our self-perform services to our construction management resources, we offer the quick, efficient, and thorough support our clients deserve at every stage of their projects

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