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Jackson Wemmitt

Project Engineer

Jackson is a formally trained architect focused on sustainable,
affordable design and building practices. Jackson previously worked
at Arete Engineers in Blowing Rock, North Carolina, designing
community housing for adults living on the autism spectrum.
Looking to expand his architectural knowledge, Jackson joined
VPG Construction as a Estimator and has since been a critical team

Since joining VPG, Jackson has mixed his keen eye for design
with his unmatched attention to detail to create winning bids for
projects upwards of $23M.

A creative, forward thinker with excellent collaboration,
measurement, design-build, and drafting talents, Jackson brings a
unique vision to each project. Where some team members provide
an analytical perspective, Jackson thinks outside of the box to
provide innovative solutions, helping to strengthen VPG’s agility
and flexibility.

Jackson has a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Technology and Design from Appalachian State University.

Jackson Wemmitt

For more info about Jackson, connect with him on 

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