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Shannon Stecker

Director, Marketing & Development

Shannon is a Detroit, MI native with a Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast
Journalism from Hampton University and a Master of Arts
in English and Creative Writing from Wayne State University.
After graduating with her Master’s, Shannon started her
marketing career as a Marketing Specialist in the Testing,
Inspection, and Certification (TIC) industry. While working
as a Marketing Specialist, Shannon gained experience in the
Construction, Engineering, Building Products, Environmental,
Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, and Transportation Sectors.

Shannon joined VPG in 2021 to establish the Marketing
Department. To solidify the companies marketing presence in
the construction industry, Shannon created and launched the
new logo and website, established the company’s social media
presence and internal social medial usage policy, and rebranded
and launched the company’s mission, vision, tenets, and purpose.
In addition to her work in Marketing, Shannon oversees the
Business Development inbound and outbound sales departments,
organizes the company gatherings and community service events,
and oversees the diversity, inclusivity, and culture initiatives.

Shannon’s unique experiences as a creative writer, journalist,
and “people-first” thought leader helps her to create marketing
and business development strategies with proven success in
relationship building, driving organic growth, building brand
awareness, and generating revenue.

Shannon Stecker

For more info about Shannon, connect with her on 

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